FastShip is out to create something that simply does not exist in the international freight market today—express portgate-to-portgate service that is rapid, time-definite and substantially lower cost than air freight.

What is unique about our system is that each of the components—terminals, FastShips, information systems and management infrastructure—are all designed and optimized to meet the needs of our target shippers.   Our focus is on line-haul and terminal operations that perform according to a schedule that is so precise that a synchronized hand-off with the shipper’s inland transportation infrastructure can be achieved.  Frictional time loss at the terminal can be eliminated.  Thus freight forwarders, integrators, airlines or any other companies with established inland infrastructures can integrate our FastShip service into their networks to achieve door-to-door service times comparable to airfreight at half the cost.  We will be happy to arrange inland transportation for shippers who want us to do so.


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