From its foundation, FastShip has been managed by a small team possessing significant experience in the areas of engineering, industrial development, financial management, strategic planning, logistics and marketing. The current team averages over 25 years of experience in building businesses. The Directors and executive officers are as follows:

Dennis J. Colgan, Jr.: Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr Colgan is Chairman Emeritus of Barthco International Inc., a division of Ozburn-Hessey Logistics.  One of the largest Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders in the United States, Barthco currently represents more than 2,000 shippers involved in international trade; it arranges for transportation services and manages the filing of governmental and financial documents required for international transportation services. Mr. Colgan is a recognized national authority in the area of U.S. customs automation and has served on the U.S. Customs Automation Committee.

Roland K. Bullard II: President & Chief Executive Officer, Director. Joined FastShip in 1998, coming from a successful 30-year career in corporate and international banking, most recently as President of First Union's operations in Philadelphia and, previously, as Senior Executive Vice President of First Fidelity Bancorporation and Vice Chairman of CoreStates Financial Corp.

Christopher J. Rankin: Chief Operating Officer. Joined FastShip in August, 2000, following two years as a member of the Advisory Board and a role as FSI's lead marketing and industry consultant. Mr. Rankin has 30-year career with P&O Containers, culminating as President and CEO of P&O Nedlloyd's $1.2 billion North American division.

Kathryn Riepe Chambers: Executive Vice President, Director. Joined FastShip as in 1997 following two years of consulting to FastShip in marketing and strategy. Ms. Chambers previously had a 15-year career in strategy consulting, having been a vice president at Strategic Planning Associates (now part of Mercer Management Consulting).

David Laurent Giles: Founder, Director. During the 1960s, Mr. Giles was with the aerodynamics department of the de Havilland Aircraft Company and later worked with Hanson Transport and Pan Am on the development and deployment of commercial jet aircraft, from the Comet 4 to the Airbus. In 1975, he set up Thornycroft, Giles & Company with his partner, naval architect Peter Thornycroft of the well-known family of warship builders and designers, to develop enlarged variants of Thornycroft's successful family of semi-planing monohulls (SPMH). In 1986, they embarked on the design of a 25,000-ton SPMH that eventually became the FastShip project. Following the death of Thornycroft in 1987, Mr. Giles moved his company to Virginia in order to concentrate on both the commercial and emerging military interest in fast sealift technologies.

Mick Fountain: Director.  Mr. Fountain is former CEO of Global Freight Management & Technology at Exel (now part of DHL).  He started at Lep Air Services in 1969 and worked at Jardine Air Cargo and MSAS, where he was chief executive officer of the Americas, where he oversaw the integration of the company's purchase of U.S. specialized operator Exel Logistics.  Mr. Fountain is chairman of Cargo 2000, the IATA interest group aimed at setting standards for air cargo handling and transport.

FastShip has augmented its lean management team with an extensive network of consultants and advisors specializing in specific areas of expertise, which has assisted in the development and evolution of the project. In this manner, FastShip has avoided the growth of a high fixed cost employee base, while at the same time accumulating significant intellectual capital through the contributions of these consultants. Some of these consultants form part of the group of strategic partners who participate in the project by contributing in their areas of business activity and who are invaluable, in the end, to the shareholders.

For FastShip there is a special importance in the involvement of all of the participants: investors, suppliers, governments of each of the participating countries, clients and financial institutions. The experience and professionalism of the current management team has permitted the company to create a network of relationships between partners that will serve as the foundation of the business.


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