FastShip has assembled a world-class group of strategic partners who bring in-depth expertise in critical areas of the business plan. The FastShip business approach is to outsource important technical and operational functions to partners who today perform these activities on a daily basis in their own businesses.

The leveraging of the existing skill bases of our Strategic Partners underpins the successful implementation of our business plan and reduces operating risk. All of the Strategic Partners will participate financially in FastShip and will be committed to the long-term success of the FastShip business.

Among these strategic partners are the following:

A leading European shipyard group will build the initial three FastShips and will be FSI’s strategic partner for the construction and further development of future FastShip vessels. Has extensive experience in designing and construction high-speed vessels.


Rolls-Royce (UK): One of the world's leading groups in the technology of transportation (civil aviation, defense aviation, maritime transport and energy), Rolls-Royce will supply the key components of the propulsion system—gas turbine engines and waterjets—and provide comprehensive long-term maintenance for both.


JP Morgan: One of the world's leading financial institutions. JP Morgan is FastShip's financial advisor and lead investment bank for the raising of debt and equity capital.


TTS (Norway): A world leader cargo handling and Ro/Ro equipment—both on board vessels and in terminals— TTS has already developed and will supply the patented, high-speed loading and unloading system integrated into the vessels and customized FastShip terminals in Philadelphia and Cherbourg.


BP (UK): A world leader in the petroleum sector, BP will provide fuel management and risk management functions.


The Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Cherbourg-Cotentin (France): The Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Cherbourg-Cotentin will provide and maintain terminal site in Cherbourg and make necessary infrastructure investments leading into the terminal.


Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey (USA): As an economic development agency for New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the DRPA has invested $10.5 million of seed capital to date and will finance $75 million of the construction cost of FastShip's Philadelphia terminal.


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